KYC On-Demand

Access our industry leading identity verification technology - no account or API integration required!

Concierge service designed for organizations and associations as an offering in member portals.
Quick & easy implementation with no development required.
No Treefort account setup or product training is required for your customers.

How Does KYC On-Demand Work?


Onboarding to KYC On-Demand is easy! After agreeing to partner with Treefort, simply embed your unique KYC On-Demand link into your service, behind a secure login.


Your customer logs into your service, accesses the link, completes a simple order form and requests a Treefort Identity Verification Request on their client.


The Treefort Team receives the request and takes care of administering the Identity Verification (IDV) and providing hands on care and support to the end user completing the 5-minute IDV.


Either you, or the Treefort Team, manages the payment and invoicing process, depending on your preference.


Once the IDV is completed, the Treefort Team will securely share the Treefort Report with your customer for their review. The report provides an analysis of the identity of the individual in three sections; Compliance (KYC), Potential Fraud Risks and Anti-Money Laundering Risks.

KYC On-Demand Partners