Identity Verification

Treefort IDV Reports are accepted by all four Canadian Title Insurance Companies.

Identify your clients and
prevent fraud with our multi-factor authentication digital identity verification technology

In today’s world of advanced technology, criminals can generate a fake ID that is visually impossible to determine if its real or not. Treefort offers the most advanced multi-factor authentication digital identity verification technology in Canada. Treefort not only analyzes government issued ID for fakes, but it goes beyond ID by using multi-factor authentication and checking other sources to verify identity, such as confirming that the individual has a credit file with a credit bureau. 

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Why is Multi-Factor Identity Authentication Important?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a method of identity verification that uses multiple categories of information such as what the individual knows (passwords), what the individual possesses and who the individual is (facial verification) to confirm their identity.

How Does Treefort's Identity Verification Work?


Client completes the 5-minute identity verification.


Treefort connects with reputable sources to digitally authenticate a person’s identity.


Treefort aggregates the data to corroborate, verify, and validate the person’s identity.


The findings, along with an indicator of identity assurance, are presented in an organized and easy to read Treefort report.

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