About Us

At Treefort, we come from a background in law and information technology.  Our values reflect our dedication to high ethical standards and a passionate commitment to continuous improvement.  Security minded, thorough and compelled to use the best technology available to make things better - we strive to be a trusted partner in doing business the new digital way.

Our Values

About Treefort

Co-founders, Jay and Kim Krushell, first identified a need for a virtual identity verification tool back in 2017.  At the time, Jay was an Edmonton lawyer in the commercial lending industry and often worked with clients who were unable to meet in person, resulting in their transaction being delayed, increased costs and/or his clients being materially inconvenienced.

The Treefort project was born.   

To solve this problem, Jay and Kim assembled an amazing team of people and Treefort Technologies Incorporated (“TTI”) was established in January of 2020. The team got to work creating a digital identity verification (IDV) tool that allows users to verify the identity of the individual they are dealing with in accordance with the FINTRAC Regulations and the Model Client ID Rules adopted by Law Societies across Canada. The IDV product was launched in September of the same year, becoming the first identity verification tool in the market and sparking interest.  In July 2021, Stewart Title Guaranty Company purchased a 51% interest in TTI and, since then, the team has grown, and work on the Treefort platform has continued to the point where it is now the gold standard in digital identity technology in Canada.