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The easiest way to securely and remotely

Treefort enables a seamless and completely digital workflow to securely and accurately identify, meet, and sign documents with clients that complies with Anti-Money-Laundering, Law Society, and other regulatory requirements.

Transact with confidence online using TreeFort’s digital solutions.

Treefort provides a completely digital process for verifying the identity of individuals, and a secure, encrypted online video conference service for lawyers and business professionals to meet virtually and sign documents with verified participants. With Treefort, lawyers and business professionals can meet and sign documents with verified participants with confidence using leading fraud-prevention and digital identity technology that is fully compliant with regulatory requirements, all while ensuring the highest standards for security and data privacy. 

Identity Verification

Fraud Prevention

Electronic Signatures (Coming soon)

Online Video Conference (Coming soon)

Identify your clients with industry-leading fraud prevention and digital identity technology.
  • verify an individual’s information against a network of secure and trusted data sources, including verifying an individual’s government-issued ID.
  • ensure your organization is compliant with Anti-Money-Laundering, Law Society, and other regulatory requirements for identifying individuals.
  • assist with your organization’s fraud prevention initiatives using Treefort’s intuitive risk analysis report.
  • streamline your organization’s KYC (Know Your Client) and onboarding initiatives.

Who is Treefort Technologies?

Grant Goldrich | President

With over 30 years of experience as a leader in the public, legal and real estate sectors, Grant’s mandate is to put these digital tools and the best of emerging technologies into the hands of legal professionals and other regulated entities to improve the client experience and mitigate the risk of fraud.

Kim Krushell | Co-founder

After stepping down as President of Lending Assist after a successful sales deal in May and then finalizing a major acquisition deal of our second tech company Treefort Technologies Incorporated with Stewart Title Guaranty Company (Canada) in June. I stepped down as the CEO of Treefort Technologies to take a long shot run for Mayor of Edmonton, and while I did not win, I fulfilled a dream!
I have recently stepped back into Treefort Technologies as the Board Chair and Executive Vice President focused on Customer Experience. Like the rest of the senior team at Treefort, my mission is to bring the best technology in the world together and help make sensitive online transactions simple and secure for everyone.

Jay Krushell | Co-founder

With a deep interest in using technology to solve problems and a passion for constant improvement, I have co-founded two legal tech companies, Lending Assist and treefort technologies, with my wife, Kim Krushell.
In September 2021, I took the dive and left the private practice to become the Chief Legal Officer of treefort technologies and focus on making sensitive online transactions simple and secure for everyone.

Meet and sign documents with verified clients, anywhere in the world. 
  • create a signing package, tag signature lines, and send for signing electronically, or schedule an online video conference to meet and sign documents with your clients.
  • participants are verified prior to entering the online video conference using facial recognition and liveness detection technology, providing confidence you are meeting with the right people.
  • maintain full control of the online video conference, and maintain constant audio and visual communication with your signers.
  • enable a seamless and completely digital experience for your clients without compromising security or compliance with Treefort’s post-meeting report and extensive audit trail.

Designed for teams of any size.

Get started quickly using our secure cloud-based portal, or integrate seamlessly with our API to bring the power of Treefort’s digital identity, fraud prevention, and online video conference and signing solutions directly to your existing applications.

Secure TreeFort Portal

API Integration

Digitizing your business doesn’t have to be hard.

Whether you need to know with certainty who you’re interacting with, enhance your organization’s fraud prevention initiatives, or deliver a simple and intuitive end-to-end digital workflow for your clients, we have a solution to meet your needs and grow your organization.

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