KYC On-Demand

Welcome to Treefort KYC On-Demand!  Users of this service can send Identity Verification (IDV) requests without a Treefort account.

Sending an On-Demand IDV request is simple:

1. Fill out the form below and
click ‘Order Now’ when complete.

NOTE:  We strongly recommend enabling Banking Verification for clients not known to you.

2. Your client will receive a link from Treefort to complete their IDV.

3. Once completed, the requester will gain secure access to the IDV report and payment details1.

Get More With a Treefort Account!

A Treefort Account gives you access to Treefort’s full suite of KYC services including self-managed IDVs and Virtual Signing Meeting (VSM), now available in beta for no added cost. Click here to enrol.

1Cost per completed IDV is $30 plus applicable taxes, invoiced monthly.

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