KYC On-Demand

Welcome to Treefort KYC On-Demand!  Users of this service can send Identity Verification (IDV) requests without a Treefort account.

Sending an On-Demand IDV request is simple:

1. Complete the form below and click ‘Order Now’ when complete.
NOTE:  We strongly recommend enabling Banking Verification for clients not known to you.

2. Your client will receive a link from Treefort to complete their IDV.

3. Once completed, the requester will receive payment details1 and gain secure access to the IDV report.
Important Note! It is intended that the report only be viewed by the requestor and not shared with the individual being ID verified.  The Treefort report will not be interpreted by the Treefort team, but our Customer Support would be happy to help with any clarification questions you may have.  Customer Support can be reached by email at or by phone at 1-866-785-0270, Monday-Friday, 9 am – 9 pm EST.  

We encourage you to provide the individual being identity verified with the link to our “How to verify your identity using Treefort” page to assist them with completing the process and provide helpful FAQ’s!

Get More With a Treefort Account!

A Treefort Account gives you access to Treefort’s full suite of KYC services including self-managed IDVs, virtual meeting room and digital signing2Click here to enrol.

1Cost per IDV is $30 plus applicable taxes after a limited time free trial period.
2Virtual meeting room and digital signing available in 2024

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