Why it’s important to keep your devices up to date!

Software Updates: The Unsung Heroes and Other Tips for you and your Business

Not updating your software on all your devices is like boarding a plane where the landing gear is faulty – you can expect there will be a crash landing. Software updates are the same as ensuring regular mechanical inspections of planes. They are an easy way to protect you and your business. Why should you care? Because these updates contain bug fixes and security patches that protect your digital kingdom—your personal data, online activities, and even your cat memes.

  • Why It Matters:
    • Vulnerabilities Galore: Operating systems (OS) are like medieval castles. They have moats (firewalls) and drawbridges (passwords), but sometimes, a sneaky hacker finds a secret tunnel. Regular OS updates seal those tunnels.
    • The Price of Ignorance: Skipping updates leaves you vulnerable. Imagine losing your identity, your bank account, or your grandmothers chocolate chip cookie recipe. Not cool, right?
  • How can you Fight Back:
    • Enable Automatic Updates: Let your OS update itself while you focus on other tasks.
    • Schedule Off-Hour Updates: Update when your device isn’t busy juggling tasks.
    • Do Not Forget to Update Your Browser: Be vigilant and check that the browsers you use are updated as well. This is particularly important with some of the Zero Day attacks that have happened to Google.

Turn It Off and On Again: The Magic of Rebooting

Your devices need sleep too. Regularly turning them off and on again banishes digital gremlins (hackers) and reboots your devices making them run faster.

  • Why It Matters:
    • Rejuvenation: Rebooting clears cluttered memory and resets misbehaving software glitches.
    • Deactivation: Is like waking from a satisfyingly deep sleep, your device emerges operating more efficiently and faster.

Fortifying your Castle Walls: Software Updates for Businesses

Businesses, listen up! Your digital castle needs regular maintenance. Update software, plugins, and apps like a diligent blacksmith forging armor.

  • Why It Matters:
    • Hackers Love Cobwebs: Outdated software has holes big enough for dragons. Patch them up!
    • Employee Training: Teach your knights (employees) to spot phishing emails and avoid malicious attachments.

Access Control: Keys to the Treasure Vault

Not every squire needs access to the royal treasury. Limit permissions.

  • Why It Matters:
    • Least Privilege Rule: Only grant access necessary for the quest. Bob the Customer Support Representative doesn’t need access to the dragon-slaying sword. By limiting who has access to critical information you reduce your risk of fraud or a data breach.
    • Clear Policies: Just like knights had a code of chivalry you need to create a cybersecurity policy and an incident management plan that guides and directs everyone if a digital dragon attacks.

SSL Shields: Protecting Your Digital Banners

Your website is your digital banner. Without an SSL certificate (the shiny armor), it’s like a knight without a shield—vulnerable and penetrable.

  • Why It Matters:
    • HTTPS or Bust: An SSL-secured website (https://) encrypts data like a dragon guarding its hoard.
    • Red Flags for Hackers: An insecure HTTP site (http://) screams, “Attack me!” Don’t be that castle.

Epilogue: The Cyber Quest Continues

Whether you’re an individual or a small business, remember: Stopping fraud and cybercrime isn’t a one-time battle. It’s an epic saga. So, sharpen your digital swords, and protect you and your business—because in this realm, everything is a target.

Kim Krushell/Co-Founder