Treefort Technologies partnership with LTSA!

Treefort Technologies is pleased to announce that our Identity Verification is now available by The Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) as a service in myLTSA effective January 11, 2024. 

Treefort Technologies offers LTSA customers a seamless digital process for identifying their clients. Assisting with fraud mitigation, the service exceeds FINTRAC KYC requirements and model Law Society Rules across Canada.  

How do I access IDV? Treefort’s multi-factor identity verification technology will be accessible to all myLTSA Enterprise account holders. Simply login to myLTSA Enterprise, select “Treefort” from the drop-down menu and order a report. 

Why Treefort? In today’s world of new technology, criminals can generate a fake ID that is visually impossible to determine if its real or not. Treefort offers the most advanced multi-factor authentication digital identity verification technology in Canada. Treefort not only analyzes government issued ID for fakes, but it goes beyond ID by using multi-factor authentication and checking other sources to verify identity, such as confirming that the individual has a credit file with a credit bureau. While no technology is foolproof, Treefort’s IDV has the most integrations for multi-factor authentication from trusted reliable sources to confirm identity with over 1000+ data points making it the most robust IDV product in Canada. 

Benefits and features of using Identity Verification by Treefort 

    • No Treefort account setup or product training is required.  
    • Only takes 5 minutes for your clients to complete the IDV process. 
    • Secure, web-based application with no requirement to download an App. 
    • Bilingual Customer Support across Canada to support you and your clients. 
    • Verifies identity, not simply identification. 
    • Easy to read IDV reports. 
    • Most integrations for multi-factor authentication from trusted reliable sources to confirm identity with over 1750+ data points.  
    • Fraud risk detection on every IDV. 
    • Compliance with FINTRAC Anti-Money-Laundering Rules. 
    • Compliance with Law Society Client ID Rules in every province in Canada. 
    • Only IDV company that offers access to anti-money laundering fraud risk reports. 
    • Optional enhanced banking verification for further fraud mitigation. 

Who is Treefort? Treefort Technologies is a Canadian tech company that built the first IDV product and incorporated Treefort Technologies in 2020. In 2021 Stewart Title Canada purchased a 51% interest in Treefort Technologies helping the company to rapidly grow. Today, Treefort has expanded across Canada and has an amazing team of dedicated employees all focused on building tools that make sensitive online transactions simple and secure for everyone.

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