Treefort Technologies partnership with Lawyer Conveyance System!

Treefort Technologies is excited to announce that Identity Verification by Treefort is now available as a service in LCS! 

About LCS? LCS Lawyer Conveyance System is a conveyancing software solution that offers a streamlined digital software platform for Ontario lawyers. (

Why Treefort? In today’s world of new technology, criminals can generate a fake ID that is visually impossible to determine if its real or not. Treefort offers the most advanced multi-factor authentication digital identity verification technology in Canada. Treefort not only analyzes government issued ID for fakes, but it goes beyond ID by using multi-factor authentication and checking other sources to verify identity, such as confirming that the individual has a credit file with a credit bureau. While no technology is foolproof, Treefort’s IDV has the most integrations for multi-factor authentication from trusted reliable sources to confirm identity with over 1750+ data points making it the most robust IDV product in Canada.

Why LCS chose to integrate Identity Verification by Treefort:

    • Verify identity (not just the issued IDs)
    • Advanced multi-factor authentication
    • Enhanced fraud mitigation
    • Extensive and east-to-read reports
    • Easy to toggle features for you IDV needs
    • Only pay for what you use
    • Complementary bilingual support
    • Ability to send test or email links directly to your clients right from LCS
    • Get email notified automatically when the reports are completed by your clients
    • Your Treefort reports automatically save for you right in LCS
    • Save keystrokes by having identification particulars import automatically in your file
    • Zero set up required to start using Treefort
    • Expert guidance for the Treefort and LCS teams