Our Digital Products

Initiate, manage and verify identities directly through your own secure Treefort Portal.

COMING SOON! Create and host Video Signing Meetings to securely meet and sign documents with verified participants.

COMING SOON! Prepare Signing Packages for your verified clients to complete and sign.

Identity Verification concierge service available to provide to your customers, without the need of a Treefort account or an API integration.

Connect Identity Verifications and Video Signing Meeting capabilities into your own system through an API connection.

Transact with confidence online, or in person.

Treefort provides a completely digital process for verifying the identity of individuals, and a secure, encrypted online video signing meeting system for lawyers and business professionals. With Treefort, you can meet and sign documents with verified participants with confidence using leading fraud-prevention and digital identity technology that is fully compliant with regulatory requirements, all while ensuring the highest standards for security and data privacy.

Digitizing your business doesn’t have to be hard

Whether you need to know with certainty who you’re interacting with, enhance your organization’s fraud prevention initiatives, or deliver a simple and intuitive end-to-end digital workflow for your clients, we have a solution to meet your needs and grow your organization.

Our integration partners

Certifications & Memberships

Treefort is a proud member of the DIACC's Directory of Identity Management and Proofing Products!

Treefort has obtained SOC 2 compliance as part of our commitment to ensuring data protection and security.

What our customers are saying...

Partnering with Treefort has been a seamless and positive experience for both us and our customers! The agile and responsive Treefort team has made the integration process remarkably smooth, exceeding our expectations. The firms we serve love how user-friendly the IDV submission process is for their clients, and are enthusiastic to adopt the most secure identity verification solution on the market today.

Harrison Kelly,

Co-founder & CEO, Closer by LawLabs

It's sometimes hard to imagine what our practice was like before Treefort. Our practice has implemented Treefort into just about every file we do now. Our goal in adopting Treefort was to limit the risk of fraud, create efficiencies for our staff and clients, and to leverage technology that aligns with our values and vision – mission accomplished! Treefort does all that and more... Treefort is literally a game changer for our firm, our clients, lenders and others that rely on accuracy and certainty in ID Verification.

Darren L. Richards,

Barrister & Solicitor

I love Treefort. It's now a requirement on our files and also on new investors that want to sign up with the Brokerage. I think that everyone should be on this. It's much better than the other verifications I have been using and very user friendly.

Daniel K. Akowuah,

Broker, Amansad Direct Lending Group