Verifying Your ID with Treefort
Learn what to expect during the ID Verification Process

Why am I being asked to verify my identity?

Many professionals today (including those from the legal, lending and financial service industries) have
an obligation to confirm the identity of their clients. ID verification methods are used to prevent the use of
stolen identities and mitigate title fraud. You will be requested to verify your ID using technology from

Who is Treefort?

Treefort Technologies is a Canadian technology company that provides simple and secure client identity tools
designed to reduce fraud and prevent money laundering. For more information on Treefort, visit

What is involved in the Identity Verification process?

Completing an ID Verification (IDV) with Treefort is simple and takes approximately 5-7 minutes.
Upon receiving your IDV request via email or text message from [email protected] or +1 (587)
405-2818, simply click the “Begin ID Verification” button and follow the on-screen steps using your
smartphone to complete the process.

See our step-by-step guide below, or view this video for a walkthrough of the entire process.

What will I need to complete my ID Verification?

To complete the IDV process, you will need:
– Access to the cell phone number and email address you provided your IDV Initiator (to receive a
verification code);
– Access to a camera on a cell phone;
– Two (2) pieces of valid and current government issued ID (e.g. driver’s licence, passport, NEXUS
Banking verification may also be requested as part of the IDV process. If asked to verify banking, you will
need access to online banking with your personal, primary Canadian bank account (i.e. the account
where income is deposited and bills are paid from).

What is involved in banking verification? (if applicable)

When asked to verify banking, limited account details will be securely exchanged (with your consent)
between your bank and IDV Initiator to confirm your identity.

Account information exchanged is limited to:
– age of the account
– frequency of account transactions
– presence of specific payment attributes
When verifying banking, neither your IDV Initiator, nor Treefort (nor any other party) will gain access to
your banking password, account number, or account balances as a part of this process.

Photo & camera tips for your ID Verification

When possible, use a cell phone with a high-quality camera

-Take photos in a well-lit area without glare –
When taking selfie for facial scan, stand against a uniform background (avoid patterned
backgrounds such as blinds, shelves, and door frames)

-Remove accessories such as glasses, hat, or headphones, before taking selfie. –
Ensure that your camera is enabled for use in your phone’s web browser. To enable camera in
web browser, go to:

iPhone Settings & Privacy & Security & Camera; then locate your browser and switch to on (green)
Android Settings & Apps; locate your browser and enable camera

The IDV Process: Step-by-Step

Step 1 : Start the ID Verification Process

You will receive a request message to begin your ID verification via the email address or cell phone number you provided your IDV Initiator.
This message will be sent by [email protected] (email) or +1 (587) 405-2818 (text) and will contain a link to begin the verification process.

Step 2 : Two-Step Verification

After clicking the link to begin the verification process, enter the verification code sent to your device.

Step 3 : Privacy Review & Consent

Review privacy information including Treefort’s privacy policy and what information will be collected from you and how that information will be used.

Step 4 : Readiness Checklist

Review checklist of requirements needed to complete your ID verification.

Step 5 : Confirm your Address

Search and select your current home address.

Step 6 : Upload Primary ID Document

Following the on-screen instructions, capture images of the front and back of your primary ID document.

Step 7 : Facial Selfie / Scan

Review and confirm consent for the selfie/face scan, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Step 8 : Upload Secondary ID Document (if required)

If asked to upload a secondary ID document, follow the same on-screen instructions followed previously.

Note: Health Cards from Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia are not accepted forms of ID.

Step 9 : Banking Verification (if required)

If banking verification is requested, you will be asked to confirm the financial institution you have your personal, primary bank account with.
Please Note: Banking information is kept private between you and your financial institution.
Neither your IDV Initiator, nor Treefort (or any other party) will gain access to your banking password, account number, or account balances as a part of this process

Step 10 : Complete!

A “Complete!” message will appear that confirms the ID verification process has been successfully completed. You will also receive a confirmation by email.

We thank you for your cooperation as we all work together to prevent fraud.

Questions? Support is Available!

Should you require assistance or have questions throughout the process,
please contact [email protected] or call 1 (866) 785-0270.
Our customer support team is happy to assist you in English or French

8AM – 8PM, Monday to Friday, Canada-wide.

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