At Treefort our mission, is to make sensitive online transactions simple and secure for everyone. As part of our mission we provide cybersecurity tips and information on how to prevent identity fraud from happening to you or your business we update this page with new information every week. 

Juice Jacking

At Treefort we see how stolen identity negatively impacts people’s lives. That is why we are introducing Treefort cybercrime tips providing information on different ways criminals steal your personal information and identity so that you can protect yourself.

Here’s what we know about “Juice Jacking”
Ever used a public USB charging station at an airport or hotel? USB charging ports in airports, hotels and elsewhere can be replaced with modified versions capable of delivering malware to devices once they’re plugged in.

This is called Juice Jacking… The good news is that its easy to protect your data with these tips:

• Don’t use public charging stations that offer USB ports.
•Make sure you have an AC charging adaptor and your own cables to plug into electrical outlets.
•Carry a mobile battery so you don’t have to rely on public power sources.
•Don’t use somebody else’s PC for charging your mobile device.
•Use a USB data blocker dongle, which is a product that disables data transfer for USB cables.

Stay Vigilant

Did you know?

At Treefort our software is on the front lines combatting mortgage fraud and we see how organized and sophisticated these fraudsters are.

At the heart of mortgage fraud is the use of stolen identity by fraudsters to perpetuate their crime.

There are things you can do to be less of a target for identity theft, check out these tips and resources.

• Do Not click on email links or download attachments – Be careful before you click on any email link as fraudsters will use phishing emails with attachments that when you click on the link or attachment it will install malware on your device.

• Do Not trust public Wi Fi – Be aware that your mobile device or any device, is vulnerable to hackers from any public Wi Fi source. Only download applications from your own secure network.

• Do Not share your personal information – Fraudsters will troll social media for personal information limit what you share.

• Do check your credit score often – In Canada there are 2 credit bureaus Equifax 1-800-465-7166 and TransUnion 1-800-663-9980 and 1-877-713-3393 (Quebec)

• Do carry ONLY the ID you need – Limiting the ID you carry helps protect you in case you lose your wallet or its stolen.

• Do protect your passwords – Enable multi-factor authentication for all your passwords, consider using a password protector product and if you must make up your own password make it at least 15 characters and use lower- and upper-case letter, numbers and characters.

Protect your electronic devices

Ready for University?

It’s time to head back to school, and there’s a lot of preparation that comes with that.

Make sure your electronic devices are protected.

Change your passwords

Set up two factor authentication

And lock your device

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Educating you on being safe in the tech world.

We thank you for your cooperation as we all work together to prevent fraud.

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